With its matchless scenic beauty and the facilities offered by the Periyar Lake, Thekkady attracts a large number of tourists. The sanctuary spreads over an area of 673 sq km and is situated at a height of 900 to 1800 metres above sea level. Facilities are available for cruising in this lake. Wild animals seen here include elephants, bisons, sambar, monkeys and wild bear. Fortunate visitors can have a glimpse of the tigers foraging in this area. However on sunny summer days one can see herds of wild elephants bathing in the lake. Bisons are a wary and hardy lot and usually never allow any intruder to approach them and the sound of the motor boats scares them away. But a keen animal lover can stay in one of the few observation towers for a couple of days and luck will surely come his way.

Sightseeing in Thekkady

Periyar Tiger Reserve
In Periyar Tiger Reserve there is a rich diversity of vertebrates. The diverse forest types, vayals, marshes, and a large aquatic habitat together support 62 species of mammals, 320 species of birds, 45 species of reptiles, 27 species of amphibians, and 38 species of fishes. The invertebrate fauna of Periyar is not well documented, though the predominant invertebrate orders are Protozoa, Annelida, Arthropoda and Mollusca. 160 butterfly species have been listed.

The man made Thekkady Lake with its partially submerged trucks became the synonym of Thekkady. Thekkady is situated about 4000 ft above sea level. It is a perfect holiday destination with its unique chill weather, endless scenic beauties, aroma of spice plantations and friendly people. Thekkady provides various opportunities for adventurous tourism such as trekking, wildlife train, bamboo rafting, border hiking and rock climbing.

The panoramic picnic spot, Murikkady is just 5 km from Thekkady close to Periyar Tiger Reserve. The area is known for its rich and aromatic pepper, coffee and cardamom spice plantations. Lush greenery, balmy air and picturesque views have made this an ideal destination to visit.

Mangala Devi Temple
The ancient Mangala Devi temple is perched atop a thickly wooded hill and affords a panoramic view of the scenic surroundings. The temple is located 15 km from Thekkady.

Built in the Pandian style of Kerala architecture, this quaint temple stands in the dense forest at the top of a peak 1337 m above sea level and is on the fringe of the Tamil Nadu-Kerala boundary.

The 2000 year old temple is dedicated to the brave Mangaladevi or Kannagi, the protagonist of the Tamil epic Sillapadhikaram. A distraught Kannagi is said to have burnt down Madurai after her husband was wrongly accused of being a thief and killed.

Prayers are conducted in this temple only once in a year on Chithra Purnima, the full moon day in the month of April-May. On this holy day, the temple hums with activity as devotees flock here in large numbers.

Things to do in Thekkady

Kalarippayattu Show
At Kadathanadan Kerala kalari centre ,Thekkady,this martial art is performed in kuzhikalari.Ahighly designed gallery has been built in such a way that the viewers will get a clear vision from a safer distance. Kalaripayattu is a traditional psycho-physiological discipline emanating from Kerala's uniqe mytho-historical heritage as well as a scientific system of physical culture training.
Show Time: 06 pm to 07 pm

Kathakali has a long tradition. It dates back to the 17th century. It was given its present form by Mahakavi Vallathol Narayana Menon, who was the founder of the Kerala Kala Mandalam.
DAILY shows (Ist Show): 4.00 p.m. Make up, 4.30 p.m to 5.30 p.m
(2nd Show ) 6.30 p.m. Make up, 7 to 8 p.m.

Elephant Safari
This programme offers one a rare opportunity to experience the safari on an elephant. The 30 minute safari is through a spice plantation where the gentle breeze refresh one with the spice-scented air. Thekkady Spice Plantation Tour

Spice plantation tour offers closed shoes of spice plants - it feels like a jungle walk. Spices growing here include vanilla, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and mace, surrounded by coconut palms, bananas and jackfruit.

Jeep Safari
This is one of the most popular programmes in Thekkady. The jeep safari to Gavi, picturesque land, is the major off-the-track destination ideal for a wilderness retreat replete with trekking, birding, canoeing and facilities for boarding. This biological garden, with hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grass lands, sholas, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantation, is home for many endangered species like lion tailed macaque; nilgiri tahrs etc. and they can be sighted also.

Nature Walk
(7 am to 10.30 am, 2 pm to 5 pm) This involves trekking through select nature trails accompanied by trained tribal trackers cum guides. A three-hour interpretative programme, it takes one through interspersed evergreen and moist deciduous forests, providing incredible opportunities for close observation of birds, butterflies and wildlife.

Border Hiking
(8 am to 5 pm) A conservation-oriented, hard trek along the boundary of the Tiger Reserve gives you a glimpse of the rich flora and fauna. Two guides and an armed forest guard accompany trekkers on this full-day programme that accommodates minimum 2 persons to maximum 10 persons in two groups each.

Bamboo Rafting
(8 am to 5 pm) The programme involves dawn to dusk trekking and rafting across some of the most luxuriant forest tracts of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Package involves two hours of trekking, one and a half hours of rafting and then, after a lunch break, a journey back in the same manner. An armed guard and four guides accompany.

Bullock Cart Ride
(6 am and 2.30 pm) Visit to the farmlands of a tiny hamlet beyond the mountains of Periyar where guides enlighten tourists on the different traditional ways of farming. An optional coracle ride is also included in the package. This three-hour package will have minimum 2 persons and maximum 9 persons.

How to reach Thekkady

Nearest bus stations: Kumily has both private and KSRTC bus stands 4 km from Thekkady.
Nearest railway station: Kottayam, about 114 km from Thekkady.
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 190 km & Madurai Airport, about 136 km from Thekkady

Latitude: 9.4679, Longitude: 77.143328


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