Munnar is located on the eastern side of the Indian state of Kerala high in the Kennan Devan Hills. The tata tea plantation spread among the Kannan devan hills are the popularity among tourists. Time Magazine recommended Munnar as one of the best destinations in the world. Pretty tea plantations stretching across the hillsides, low-riding clouds clipping the mountain peaks and nature's abundance of colours combined with the cultural wealth and architectural diversity of the city are just some of the reasons why visitors are attracted to Munnar. The area of Munnar is one of the top tea production centres in all of India. It was British settlers who first cleared the land to grow tea and the industry is still booming to this day. Interestingly, it is also one of the highest locations in the world where tea is grown.

Sightseeing in Munnar

Top Station (32 km from Munnar)
Top Station is the highest point at the Munnar-Kodaikanal road. It is about 1700m above sea level. The beauty of the rare Neelakurunji (Strobilanthus) can be seen in this region. Top Station also offers a panoramic view of neighbouring state of Tamilnadu.

Situated in the famous hill town of Munnar, Mattupetty located 13 km from Munnar and is about 1700 m above sea level. Mattupetty offers many fascinating sights to enjoy the beauty of nature and is ideal for trekking and are habitat to a variety of birds. Rivulets and cascades crisscross the terrain here, which again adds more attraction to the place. One of the main attractions in Mattupetty is the beautiful lake and the Mattupetty Dam, which are ideal picnic spots. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Idukki provides boating facilities in the Mattupetty Dam. Boats are available on hire. Other nearby places of interest includes the picturesque Kundala tea plantations and the Kundala Lake. Of all the main attractions at Mattupetty is the dairy farm, run by the Indo-Swiss Livestock Project. The dairy farm is a unique one of its kind with several varieties of high-yielding cattle being reared.

Eravikulam National Park
One of the main attractions near Munnar is the Eravikulam National Park. This park is famous for its endangered inhabitant - the Nilgiri Tahr. Spread over an area of 97 sq. km., this park is also home to several species of rare butterflies, animals and birds. A great place for trekking, the park offers a magnificent view of the tea plantations caressed by blankets of mists. The park becomes a hot destination when the hill slopes here get covered in a carpet of blue, resulting from the flowering of the Neelakurinji. It is a plant endemic to this part of the Western Ghats which blooms once in twelve years.

Anamudi Peak
Located inside the Eravikulam National Park is the Anamudi Peak. This is the highest peak in South India, standing at a height of over 2700 m. Treks to the peak are allowed with permission from the Forest and Wildlife authorities at Eravikulam.

Anayirangal (22 km from Munnar)
It is a lush green carpet of tea plants. A trip on the splendid reservoir is an unforgettable experience. The Anayirangal dam is surrounded by Tata Tea plantations and evergreen forests.

Rajamala, the natural habitat of the Nilgiri Tahr (Hemitragas hylocres), is just 15 km from Munnar. The Eravikulam - Rajamala region is now home to half the world population estimated at around 1300 - of this endangered mountain goat. But the Tahr is only one of the reasons to make a visit to Rajamala.

Chithirapuram (10 km from Munnar)
Chithirapuram With its sleepy little cottages, bungalows, old playgrounds and courts, still exudes an old world charm, is the home of the Pallyvasal Hydel Power Project. This hill town is also famous for its picturesque tea plantations.

Lock Heart Gap (13 km from Munnar)
This is an ideal place for adventure tourism and trekking. The fresh mountain air, the mist-clad hills and panoramic view make it worthy of a visit.

Echo Point (15 km from Munnar)
Echo Point is on the way to Top Station from Munnar. The place gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon here.

Pallivasal, located at about 3 km from Chithirapuram in Munnar is the venue of the first hydro-electric project in Kerala. It is a place of immense scenic beauty and is often favoured by visitors as a picnic spot.

Tea Museum
Munnar has a legacy of its own when it comes to the origins and evolution of tea plantations. Taking account of this legacy and to preserve and showcase some of the exquisite and interesting aspects of the genesis and growth of tea plantations in Kerala's high ranges, a museum exclusively for tea was opened some years ago by Tata Tea in Munnar. This Tea Museum houses artifacts, photographs and machineries; all of which have a story to tell about the origins and growth of tea plantations in Munnar. The museum is located at the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea in Munnar and is worth a visit.

Near Munnar Town lie Chinnakanal and its waterfalls, popularly known as the Power House Waterfalls, which cascade down a steep rock 2000 m above sea level. The spot is enriched with a scenic view of the Western Ghat ranges.

Blossom International Park
It’s a park set in one of the beautiful locales in the country. A lot of activities are offered here including boating, roller skating, cycling etc. And if you wish a calm visit, admire the trees and a wide variety of beautiful flowers in the park. The 16 acres of beautiful parkland is surely a worth visit spot in Munnar. The park is situated near the Pallivasal hydro-electric project. It is about 3 km away from Munnar town.

Things to do in Munnar

Water sports at Muttupetty
One of the best places to partake in various water sports, this lake and dam also has a Swiss Livestock Project close by. You can have speed or motor boat ride on the lake.

Picnic at Meenuli
An excellent spot for trekking or picnicking and features an enormous rock with evergreen forests in year-round bloom sitting atop it. The panoramic views from the rock's summit stretch kilometers.

Relax in Chithirapuram
A quaint hill station nestled in a quiet corner of the hills features buildings dating back to the time of its colonial settlers. Located about 10kms from Munnar, it is a charming hideout with breathtaking natural beauty.

Swim at Nyayamakad
This is the place to go for a refreshing natural water park only 10kms from Munnar. Cascading waterfalls, trickling streams and still lakes are all part of this romantic setting, which can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Swim, trek, picnic or just simply relax to the sound of the waters.

Trek in Attukal
One of the best destinations for trekking in the area. The long trekking trails offer panoramic views of the hills and other natural offerings of the area.

Echo Point
On the way to Top Station, this place boasts an interesting natural quirk where tourists delight in calling out random words and hearing them returned by echo.

How to reach Munnar

Nearest bus stations: Munnar has both private and KSRTC bus stands in the town itself.
Nearest railway station: Theni (Tamil Nadu), about 60 km away; Aluva, about 120 km away.
Nearest airport: Madurai (Tamil Nadu), about 140 km away; Cochin International Airport, about 120 km away.

Latitude: 10.091234, Longitude: 77.060051


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