Kovalam is situated 16 km from the Capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. Its proximity to International airport attracts lots of foreign tourists to theis place for sun bathing. Kovalam, a natural beach in South Thiruvananthapuram is one of the renowned tourist places of Kerala. It is a sheltered natural bay. It has been a tourist’s favourite spot since long past. A high rocky promontory jutting into the sea has created a beautiful beach like paradise. Tourists are being fascinated by boundless blue of the Arabian sea and the unwinding miles of white sand. This beach is always calm and assures an exciting sea bath. In earlier days it was just a paradise and not a lot of tourists, but then it was developed as a great tourist spot and then there was no looking back. The four sandy beaches are just a sight of paradise; all the four bays are separated by rocks. The Samudra Beach, Kovalam Beach, Hawa Beach and the light house beach are what gives Kovalam its beauty and attention of the tourists. Kovalam is the most famous place for Ayurvedic massage and many yoga resorts. Meditation and herbal body toning is also very famous and available easily and all around the beaches. A number of cultural programs are also organized by local artists. Kovalam can be visited at anytime in the year.

Sightseeing in Kovalam

Lighthouse Beach
In the extreme south of Kovalam is the magnificent Lighthouse Beach. The name comes from the towering Vizhinjam lighthouse which is built on a rocky headland. Tourists are not allowed to go inside the lighthouse. Around the light house are memorials of Ayyanappilla Asan and Ayyippilla Asan which are visited by tourists in abundance. The beach is a long sandy strip. Lifegaurds are available along the whole beach side. The back side if the lighthouse beach is concreted and illuminated and is a great eating out place. You can almost get all kinds of sea food and all tastes. The approach to this beach is fairly easy as a number of transport means are available.

Hawa beach
The Hawa beach which is also called the Eve's Beach is one of the tourists' attractions that is not to be missed by anyone. The Hawa and the kovalam beach are separated from each other by the Edakallu foreland. The sunset in its entire splendor can be viewed from this headland.

Samudra Beach
To the north most is another beach called Samudra Beach. This beach is the least affected by all the changes that take place in the region. You can see a few fishing vessels here and there on the horizon.

Vellayani Lake
About 7 km from Kovalam is the Vellayani Lake which is a 750 hectare huge freshwater lake. The most unique feature is that a road passes through the lake. The locals call the banks of this crystal clear lake as Tiny Kovalam. On Onam, there is a huge boat race on the lake which is attended by thousands of people each year.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse
Vizhinjam Lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach offers superb views across to the Kovalam Jama Masjid. The lighthouse dominates the rocky promontory and is quite a captivating sight during moonlit nights.

Things to do in Kovalam

Ayurveda & Yoga
Traditional Kerala Ayurveda and yoga can be practiced here. The tourists take ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies to rejuvenate the body and the mind will be rejuvenated by Yoga.

Sun bath on the Beach
The best beaches in Kerala or in India are at Kovalam. The Light house beach, Hawa beach and Samudra beach attracts lots of European tourists. They come in chartered flights and do the sun bathing here.

Backwater Cruise
A number of backwater cruises are available, you can ask your travel agent to book you one or you can also book one yourself once you arrive in the city. The beauty of Kovalam and its splendor can be best pictured in a backwater cruise.

Parasailing in Kovalam can be best enjoyed from the months of October to March. The sky during this time is clear and blue and the temperature is perfect to enjoy parasailing in Kovalam. The rocky shores and the azure waters provide the perfect framework to a spiced-up adventure holiday. First-time parasailors have a field day here with international grade gear like harness, helmet and other safety gear and instructors who do a thorough check of obstructions like live wires, trees and so on.

Visit Vizhinjam
Vizhinjam Village, there is a marine aquarium with a variety of fishes such as clownfish, squirrelfish, moon wrasse, sharks, lionfish, butterfly fish, giant turtles, triggerfish, surgeonfish, piranhas, etc. The unique feature of the Aquarium is the image pearl production, so people can buy pearls with images of Christ, idols of gods and goddess and Virgin Mary. There is another 18th century Cave temple is known for carved idols of Shiva and Parvati. As this is one of the few cave temples in Kerala and thousands of people visit it each year.

Visit Neyya Dam
Neyyar dam is located 48 km from Kovalam. The dam is built on the basin where the three rivers Neyyar, Mullayar, and Kallar meet. There is also a wild life sanctuary established to preserve the wild life. A number of wild life animals including elephants are found here. Also built around the dam are some exciting Lion safari & deer safari parks. There is a crocodile farm and a watchtower is also built.

How to reach Kovalam

Nearest bus stations: Trivandrum, about 16 km away.
Nearest railway station: Trivandrum, about 16 km away.
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 10 km away

Latitude: 8.402074, Longitude: 76.978426


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