Hindu Marriages


Hindu weddings are usually performed at the bride's house. The Groom arrives at the bride's house in a traditional "dhoti". He is welcomed and seated by bride's father. The groom then gives him the off white sari that has to be worn by the bride for the nuptials. The the nuptial ceremony is performed around the "agni" (fire). The bride and the groom circle the sacred fire thrice, after which the bride's father ties the "Taali", which is strung on a yellow thread around the neck of the bride. Thereafter the bride's father gives her hand to the groom in a ceremony called "Kanyadaanam".

Muslim Marriage - Nikkah


Indian Muslims follow the same pattern in Nikah as followed by the Middle-Eastern Muslims. Before the wedding there are some ceremonies in both the girl's and the groom's house, which is full of singing and dancing, strictly according to the rules laid down in Islam. Muslim weddings in India are celebrated in a grand way, a tradition which has come down from the Moghul rulers and Sultans of medieval India.

Christian Marriages


Christian marriages are a mixture of eatern and western elements. Christians of kerala has wholeheartedly assimilated themselves into the fabric of Kerala society. But, still, some differences persist in the wedding rituals.


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