Kasaragod is a beautiful town poised at the Northern extreme of Kerala State.16 km south of the town on the National Highway, is the largest and best preserved fort in the whole of Kerala, bordered by a splendid beach. Shaped like a giant keyhole, the historic Bekal Fort offers a superb view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers, which were occupied by huge cannons, couple of centuries ago.

Near the fort is an old mosque said to have been built by the valiant Tipu Sultan of Mysore. Built by the rulers of the ancient Kadampa dynasty, the fort changed hands over the years to the Kolathiri Rajas, the Vijayanagar Empire, Tipu Sultan and finally, the British East India Company. Today, the Bekal Fort and its surroundings are fast becoming an international tourist destination and a favourite shooting locale for film makers. Bekal is also one of the five centres selected by the Government of India to be developed into a 'Special Tourism Area'.

Sightseeing in Bekal

Chandragiri Fort
Built during the 17th century by Shivappa Naik and situated above 150 feet above seal level on the bank of Chandragiri river is an ideal plce to watch sunset.

Bekal Fort
Situated just 5m away from Nirvana, Bekal fort is more than 350 years old fort built by a Karnataka king Shivappa Naik. Standing against the backdrop of the Arabian sea on a 35 acres headland with its soaring observation towers and sea bastions, Bekal fort offers a spectacular view to its visitors.

Bekal Beach Park
Situated just 1km from Nirvana, Bekal Beach Park gives an unmatched experience of the sun, sea and sand. Rank among one of the best beaches in India and located just 1km from Nirvana, this long, beautiful, shallow beach with park offers spectacular view of the Bekal Fort. Ideal for swimming and ample space for recreations.

Ananthapura Lake Temple
Built in 19th century AD this ‘lake temple’ is a holy pilgrimage centre for Vishnu devotees as it is believed to be the original place of Ananthapadmanabha, the deity of Sri Padmanabha (Vishnu) located at Thiruvananthapuram. The temple is located near Kumbla just 30 km northwards of Bekal towards Kasaragod town.

One of the most beautiful backwaters of Kerala, Valiyapramba is 30 km away from Bekal. Dotted with small islands and the refreshing glimpses of life around it has become an ideal getaway. Hire a houseboat or country boat from Nileshwar and glide past the villages side by to discover the beauty of village life.

Located 750m above sea level on the Western Ghats this mountainous terrain is known for trekking and green landscapes. This hill station lies 55 km from Bekal Fort is popular as adventure hot spot.

Things to do in Bekal

Boating on Valiaparamba Backwaters
The backwaters of Kerala - endless miles of snaking waterways flanked on either side by emerald palms. Tranquil and alluring, they offer you the experience of a lifetime. While in Bekal do not miss a boat ride on Valiaparamba Backwaters.

Fort & Beach
The world famous fort and its surrounding beach is a tourist paradise. This virgin beach has very good sandy beach for sun bathing.

Watch Theyyam
A vibrant and colorful folk art performed in scared places and temples in north Kerala. People consider Theyyam as God and they seek blessings. Watch the grand display of this unique ritual Perhaps the most enduring image of Kasaragod.

North Kerala food
The north Kerala food is famous for their mouth watering delicacies.

How to reach Bekal

Nearest bus stations: Kasaragod has both private and KSRTC bus stands, 16 km from Bekal.
Nearest railway station: Kasaragod, about 16 km from Bekal.
Nearest airport: Mangalore International Airport, about 85 from Bekal


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