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Kerala Reservoirs
  • Bhoothathan Kettu
  • bhoothathankettuBhoothathan Kettu, at Kothamangalam, Ernakulam District, Kerala is the perfect getaway for the nature freak. Forests to trek in, birds to watch, a river for boating, rapids to shoot, a lake to fish in, and much more, provide the perfect holiday for the nature loving tourist. Tall mountains, a calm lake, the river Periyar and an all-encompassing forest meet at Bhoothathan Kettu to make it a tribute to nature. Bhoothathan Kettu is 100m above MSL and has a very moderate climate. At Bhoothathan Kettu a nature loving tourist can enjoy a cruise through a tranquil fresh water lake, trek through deep green reverie forest in search of remnants of bygone civilizations, go for an adventure expedition down the turbulent Periyar reenacting the old route, take a cool dip in fresh clean water coming down a mountain where the 'Neelakoduveli'-a life-giving herb- is said to grow and much more. All this is located just 50 km. North east of Kochi and a 35 km. drive from Kochi International Airport
  • A myth associated with the place explains its name and how it came about. According to it Bhoothams (evil spirits/ghosts) wanted to destroy the temple at Thrikariyoor dedicated to Lord Shiva. They decided to flood the region by damming the river Periyar. To do this the Bhoothams rolled down massive stones from the surrounding hills into a narrow portion of the river. Lord Shiva, realizing their intention came up with an ingenious plan to deter them. Ghosts being scared of daylight, he tricked them into believing that morning had arrived. To do this Lord Shiva imitated a rooster's crow, the most common announcement of dawn's arrival, on hearing which the evil spirits fled, leaving the dam incomplete. Visitors can see the structure downstream from the present dam. Hence the name Bhoothathan Kettu (fort of the spirits). Later, this natural topography helped in building a dam here.
  • Malampuzha
  • malampuzhathumbMalampuzha exudes the charm of harmony in nature, a perfect synchronization of the grandeur of the mountains blending with the music of the rivers. It is 10 kms from Palakkad. The garden complex at Malampuzha draws the largest holiday and weekend crowds to Palakkad. The children's park with a toy train, a miniature zoo and an aquarium housed inside a fish shaped building; await the pleasure and delight of children.
  • There is a swimming pool and facilities for boating in the canal and in the reservoir. A small garden in Japanese style, gives a touch of exotic charm to the landscape. So too does the hanging bridge across the canal. The only ropeway in south India is another attraction of Malampuzha garden. The ropeway is equipped with 64 chairs each with the capacity of two persons. Other items of interest in the park are the imposing concrete sculpture of Yakshi, the divine enchantress, by the renowned sculptor, Kanai Kunhiraman.
  • Neyyar
  • neyyarthumbNeyyar Reservoir is a scenic picnic spot, 32 km south east of Thiruvananthapuram city. The reservoir offers excellent boating facilities. A wild life sanctuary is also associated with the dam. The forests around the reservoir are the adode of elephants. On the upper reaches of the Neyyar Reservoir there are two magnificent waterfalls. A trek of two km through dense forests, one would reach Meenmutty water falls and after two km the Kombaikani water falls.
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