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ayurveda Ayurveda in Kerala - Ayurveda has its origin in India around 600 BC. It is a part of Atharvaveda. It is a unique, indispensable branch of medicine and a complete naturalistic system that depends on the diagnosis of one ... more...
houseboats Houseboats in Kerala - The houseboats are huge, slow moving, exotic barge used for leisure trips. They were once known as kettuvalloms. The original kettuvalloms were used to carry tonnes of rice and spices... more...
beachesBeaches in Kerala - Kerala, with its 600 km long shoreline is known for its world famous beaches. The beaches of Kerala are beautiful, clean and dotted by mountain cliffs, estuaries, the palms and coconut trees.... more...
backwaters Backwaters in Kerala - The backwaters in Kerala are something amazing to watch. The state of Kerala has 44 rivers, network of waterways, inlets from the sea, lakes and natural canals connecting coastal towns.... more...
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