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  • holistic&wellnessDr.P.E.Abraham took his basic degree in Modern Medicine (MBBS) and his masters (MD) in Internal Medicine. The healing system he was taught could not guarantee the result it promised. His quest for the ideal led him to the Bihar School of Yoga at Monghyr, where he took a recognized qualification in Yoga teaching and therapy. Not satisfied with this, he took a recognized diploma in Acupuncture from Sri Lanka.Then , after training at the Royal London Hospital, he graduated in Homoeopathy with the world-renowned MF(Hom). In 1980,with great care and scientific acumen, he began to study other systems of healing and started a method of treatment combining different streams of medical knowledge. Thus was laid the solid foundations of Holisticmedicine. Since then, with over hundred thousand cured cases of various chronic ailments being documented,this system has proved itself. Dr Abraham is considered the most successful practitioner in the field of holistic treatment and life style management.
  • Special holistic packages especially for Childhood asthma & Allergy. More details will be given against enquiry. Please forward your enquiry to
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